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Food and Hospitality

Are you a business in the food or hospitability sector?

For the food industry, regulations are always changing and it is important that any health or nutritional credentials are met by your organisation. Firecracker are here to make sure you keep one-step ahead of your competitors.

Over the last 5 years, Rachel Linstead of Firecracker has provided expert advice to the Food & Drink Forum, and has many contracts with major national retailers for her nutritional advice and analysis.

Having worked on over 3000 recipes and helped many companies legally comply with food industry legislation, Rachel has become the ‘go to’ person for food expertise, and works regularly with Radio Lincolnshire and local Food Award organisations.

From small local farm shops to major supermarkets, Firecracker provide a variety of nutritional analysis and development services, including:


  • Recipe analysis, including GDA and Traffic Light Labelling
    Using the most up-to-date nutrition software, we can analysis recipes and give you a full nutritional breakdown to display on back of packets or as the standard nutrition traffic lights information, meeting necessary food regulations.


  • Menu analysis & diagnostic
    We have the expertise and reliable software to offer full analysis of your menu – providing your customers with vital nutritional information. We can also look at your menu from a dietary point of view and offer advice on how to make healthy changes.


  • Nutrition/Healthy Eating Strategy Development
    At Firecracker, we can assist you in developing a strategy around healthy eating and nutrition, adding some extra value to your corporate responsibility.


  • Consumer Marketing Materials
    We can help you build up a knowledge bank of healthy eating/nutrition facts and figures that can used for marketing material or as helpful table talkers, offering extra value to your customers.


  • Development and delivery of staff training
    As qualified trainers, we are able to develop and deliver bespoke training for you and your staff to ensure they fully understand the principles of healthy eating and the message you want to communicate to your customers.


  • Technical Support
    With over 7 years of working in the food industry, and helping to develop many household names, Rachel Linstead of Firecracker can provide you with expert guidance and support when it comes to any of your food credentials or compliant matters.


For more information about our variety of nutrition services available for the food and hospitality industry, please call 07710 520034 or email hello@firecracker-uk.co.uk