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10 ways DiSC communication profiling can help your business

Just think how great it would be to know just one powerful assessment tool so well that you could use it successfully for all these things:

  1. Change Management – Help people embrace rather than fight it.

  2. Coaching – Discover how to help others reach their real potential!

  3. Conflict Resolution – Use DISC to dissipate tension & mistrust!

  4. Customer Service – Use DISC to exceed customer expectations.

  5. Diversity Training – Present how having contrasting DISC Styles is a major positive benefit in the team.

  6. Hiring – Learn how to train others to use DISC to find the right fit the first time around, saving time and money!

  7. Leadership Programmes – You’ll amaze yourself how you can truly empower using DISC!

  8. Management Skills – Show your Managers how to successfully motivate their staff!

  9. Managing Up – Use DISC to clearly describe the behaviours needed to create more alignment for workers with their managers.

  10. Mergers, Acquisitions – Help others understand their coping needs.

About DiSC
DiSC is the most trusted behavioural learning instrument in the world. DiSC is based on more than 80 years of research and development and is used across the globe in hundreds of training and coaching applications, with around 70% of FTSE 500 companies either using or having used the system.

For Easter 2014 I’m offering profiles for just £75 (that’s a £24 saving).

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