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5 Things Businesses can learn from Dyslexics!!

In honour of Dyslexia Awareness Week I’ve decided write a blog post about dyslexia can help businesses & a bit of my story.


As a child I’d always felt I was a little different & struggled with some of the simplest of tasks but with a load of tenacity & positive spirit I made it through to adulthood pretty unscathed by my dyslexic brain. I eventually found out I was dyslexic when I was 30 by my tutor when I was studying for my nutrition qualification.

Finding out was quite devastating for me & I spent a while being angry at the world but then I started to embrace the way my mind worked the world made a lot more sense.

Fast forward to now and I extremely happy to be dyslexic!! And proud to be this unique person as well as being in a very great club whose members include: Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, Theo Paphitis to name a few, I could go on but that would make for a rather boring blog post!!

So what does this have to do with business I hear you say, well as I know I think differently I help businesses to see their world differently for commercial gain.
I use creative thinking techniques to help businesses explore new ideas & thoughts to fruition.

So what can your business learn from dyslexia? (I think every business should have a dyslexic among their team, but then again I would, wouldn’t I!!) Here are five things to think about:

1: Well businesses could learn a lot from the way we think, we tend to be very creative and curious about our environment so usually ask lots of questions, this enables us to often visualise solutions to problems – questioning the status quo is a great way to find new ways of doing things, things might not be broken but there is no harm in reviewing processes to see if they still fit the task.

2: We are very hands on so learn from doing things rather than reading or hearing known as kinaesthetic learning – this can be used in business to actually walk in the shoes of your client/customer/team member to experience what they experience first-hand. Do you know exactly how your customers feel when they interact with your business?

3: We are often risk takers & don’t shy away from change – in business it’s important to sometimes take risks/have a punt as this might achieve unexpected positive results. Change is also good; having a dynamic business helps to ride out the rough times & also gives you an edge over larger businesses who find change hard to manage.

4: We are very aware of our environment & the people around us – in business it’s very easy to have your head down just trying to get through each day, being aware of your environment (your market/niche) is essential to stay ahead. So how much time do you spend researching your competitors? Do you do any CPD (Continuous Personal Development) for your businesses? This could be as simple as reading blog posts, subscribing to specific journals or being active on forums.

5: We sometimes struggle to fill out forms & our memory can be shockingly bad (what’s my name again?) – This is a simple lesson to keep things simple!! Some businesses have a habit of over complicating things when simplicity is the key.  What can you simplify in your business?

So if you want to learn how you too can benefit from my dyslexic brain/thinking, give me a call or drop me an email

Until next time…


3 Responses to 5 Things Businesses can learn from Dyslexics!!

  1. Jonathan Cobb says:

    Interesting post. You should have added a typo just for comedy value.

  2. Chris Arnold says:

    I discovered I was dyslexic when I started working for the Dyslexic Institute (now Dyslexia Action). I was creating an ad campaign for them.
    Tom Peters, the management guru says “hire a maverick.” I say hire a dyslexic. Why? Because they think differently. Put in a simple way they think in 3D. They literally have amore dimensional (spacial) way of thinking, like chess in 3D. It looks chaotic if viewed in 2D but we are able to connect things up in a different way, which is why so many inventors and creatives are dyslexic.
    Many people find working with dyslexics frustrating but tolerate it because they can think in ways that can seem like genius.
    Every business needs a mix of different talent. So along side the literal and linear thinkers you need the lateral thinkers.
    Or as Apple would call us, “the crazy ones.” Over half of those featured in the legendary Apple ads -Think Different – were dyslexic.
    Sure we’ll challenge you, frustrate you, but we’ll solve the problems no one can, see a million more solutions than anyone and make those great leaps that makes your business leap forward.
    Check out the Xtraordinary people website.
    Chris Arnold
    Founder Creative Orchestra & Comobi2.

  3. RachelFirecracker says:

    Thanks Jonathan & Chris for your comments, this post has sparked so many discussions with people off line which is great to recognise that we’ve all got unique talents.

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