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Are culture and brand one of the same thing?

As a business coach, I often talk to the businesses I support about their brand and creating a brand personality as a way to build connections with their customers/clients, and when I worked for a large global food company we…

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Remote working – a win/win for everyone?

Recently I’ve been completing an assignment for one of my masters modules “contemporary issues in the workplace”, we could choose any topic we wanted and I decided to do mine on remote and mobile workers. The main reason for choosing…

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Firecracker – Love the name, where did it come from?

I often get complimented on my business name and branding (thank you Zoe at Epix Media)  so I thought I’d share with you how it came about and how it’s evolved over the years. I’ve been a business coach/mentor/advisor for…

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Business Nutrition – What the hell?!?

In November last year I had the privilege of being in the audience to hear two successful retired sportsmen talk about their achievements in their sporting fields, (Rory Underwood – Rugby Union and Steve Smith – athletics (High jump)) and…

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Why is being ill such a dirty thing these days?

Working within the workplace health and wellbeing sector it’s inevitable that the subject of sickness absence comes up on a regular basis, however why is it seen as such a negative thing!! And that being sick is a bad thing,…

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Obesity and your workforce – a ticking time bomb costing you money!!

As the world deals with a global health pandemic, lots of new statistics are being released about the health outcomes of people who have suffered from COVID-19 and one that has been linked to poor outcomes is obesity. Also, the…

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What can businesses learn from The Foxes Premiership win?

As Leicester city fans nurse their soreheads what can the business world learn from this remarkable achievement? Not being a football fan I can’t really comment on how Leicester city played on the pitch this season but I can comment…

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Staff Sickness, don’t let it be a FATAL cost in your business!! 5 top tips

We might have come a long way with medical advances but are we actually any healthier than we were 100 years ago? Personally I don’t think we are; we just are suffering from different types of illness and disease. As…

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Should we make our workplaces more homely?

  It still astounds me when I walk into workplace/office and they are still grey boxes!! And on one such occasion it got me thinking, why don’t we make our workplace feel more like home. We like spending time at…

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The Serious business of having fun at work

A lot of people in business are all rather serious & believe fun & laughter is not appropriate for the workplace and that we must act as adults all the time. The number of times I’ve walked into an office…

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