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Are culture and brand one of the same thing?

As a business coach, I often talk to the businesses I support about their brand and creating a brand personality as a way to build connections with their customers/clients, and when I worked for a large global food company we…

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Remote working – a win/win for everyone?

Recently I’ve been completing an assignment for one of my masters modules “contemporary issues in the workplace”, we could choose any topic we wanted and I decided to do mine on remote and mobile workers. The main reason for choosing…

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Firecracker – Love the name, where did it come from?

I often get complimented on my business name and branding (thank you Zoe at Epix Media)  so I thought I’d share with you how it came about and how it’s evolved over the years. I’ve been a business coach/mentor/advisor for…

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What can businesses learn from The Foxes Premiership win?

As Leicester city fans nurse their soreheads what can the business world learn from this remarkable achievement? Not being a football fan I can’t really comment on how Leicester city played on the pitch this season but I can comment…

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Wheel of Wellbeing, Culture & Performance

For most of my career I’ve been helping people be it developing delicious food products to make your life easier in the kitchen to helping you get fit in the gym, more recently it’s been helping people to see how…

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Being part of the gang

Everyone wants to feel like they belong to a gang, be it friends, family or work colleagues!! We spend a lot of time at work so it makes sense that we should try to make this an enjoyable time!! Positive…

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Culture – Does it make business sense?

Culture is all around us, in every group you belong to, be this your family, friendship group, hobby or sports club there is a different type of culture. But the most important one is where you work as this is…

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