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Wheel of Wellbeing

Staff Sickness, don’t let it be a FATAL cost in your business!! 5 top tips

We might have come a long way with medical advances but are we actually any healthier than we were 100 years ago? Personally I don’t think we are; we just are suffering from different types of illness and disease. As…

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The Serious business of having fun at work

A lot of people in business are all rather serious & believe fun & laughter is not appropriate for the workplace and that we must act as adults all the time. The number of times I’ve walked into an office…

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Stress – can our bodies, minds and businesses cope?

Our modern day stresses are very different to our Stone Age ancestors but our bodies still react in exactly the same way… But what has this got to do with business The top 5 UK killers can be traced back…

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Getting tasks done is the name of the game.

For many years I’ve been working with individuals, teams and businesses on ways to help them achieve more through looking at the way they work. This has led me to develop a tool to really show the correlation between wellbeing,…

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Wheel of Wellbeing, Culture & Performance

For most of my career I’ve been helping people be it developing delicious food products to make your life easier in the kitchen to helping you get fit in the gym, more recently it’s been helping people to see how…

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