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Healthy Eating

Firecracker – Love the name, where did it come from?

I often get complimented on my business name and branding (thank you Zoe at Epix Media)  so I thought I’d share with you how it came about and how it’s evolved over the years. I’ve been a business coach/mentor/advisor for…

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Eat a rainbow of Fruit and Vegetables a day

In response to the media frenzy today about how we should be eating 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day I thought I’d write a blog post to share with you some of the things I do to incorporate…

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Do we still need “Kids Menus”?

  While in the car this morning I heard an advert on the radio for a well-known national pub/restaurant chain (I’ll keep the brand anonymous) saying why not come in today to try our new kids menu with pizza, burgers &…

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Joined up thinking for improving food culture in the next generation

I guess I’m in the lucky position that food & food culture has been woven deeply within me and my life from a very early age. Both my parents are chefs and they had food businesses from when I was…

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Market Research – Volunteers Needed

I am looking for people in the UK to take part in market research of a new fruit based product for one of my clients. I will post you out a sample of the product and ask if you could…

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Your Health – Hydration & Alcohol (Lincolnite Article)

Did you know that the body is 70% water? Staying hydrated therefore is very important. Just 1% dehydration can affect how your brain functions. Other symptoms of dehydration include: Dry mouth (Xerostimia) Dry eyes Headaches Light-headedness Dizziness Tiredness Loss of…

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Your Health – The Facts about Protein (Lincolnite Article)

Incorporating protein into your diet is very important, especially so if you are vegetarian or vegan. The body uses protein for essential processes such as growth, repair, muscle contraction and aiding immunity. Protein provides structural support in skin and bone….

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Your Health – Carbs & Fibre Explained (Lincolnite Article)

People often find themselves confused about carbs and fibre, and how much they should be getting in their diet. Here is an explanation if the different forms of carbohydrates and foods you should consider adding to your diet, and some…

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Your health: What makes a healthy diet? (Lincolnite Article)

Here is the first of a series of articles I’m writing for the Lincolnite around healthy eating: Your Health: What makes a healthy diet? The sayings “a little of what you fancy does you no harm” & “everything in moderation”…

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Nutritional Information on Menu Survey results

Over the past month I have been asking people from all walks of life to complete my survey online asking their opinions and thoughts on having more nutritional information on menus. I’ve now reached over 100 respondents so thought I’d share with you…

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