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Culture – Does it make business sense?

Culture is all around us, in every group you belong to, be this your family, friendship group, hobby or sports club there is a different type of culture. But the most important one is where you work as this is…

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Two years later & where am I now?

Recently I’ve just celebrated my two year anniversary of being in my business full time. The past two years have flown by and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed being my own boss and the challenges that go with…

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Recipe for Bailgate Independent “All about Food” magazine

I was asked by the team at The Bailgate Independent to contribute as a food hero for their “All about Food” magazine, here is the recipe I gave.

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There’s strength in diversity

Just received this email from Dave at DISC UK so I thought I would share it with you. How contrasting styles offer a major positive benefit in the team One thing I can tell you about your team is this……

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Joined up thinking for improving food culture in the next generation

I guess I’m in the lucky position that food & food culture has been woven deeply within me and my life from a very early age. Both my parents are chefs and they had food businesses from when I was…

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The art of influencing

After attending an event this week where the speaker talked about the art of influencing and it really struck a chord with me and DiSC communication profiling that I do… Influencing someone is all about talking to them in a…

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10 ways DiSC communication profiling can help your business

Just think how great it would be to know just one powerful assessment tool so well that you could use it successfully for all these things: Change Management – Help people embrace rather than fight it. Coaching – Discover how to…

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Market Research – Volunteers Needed

I am looking for people in the UK to take part in market research of a new fruit based product for one of my clients. I will post you out a sample of the product and ask if you could…

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Your Health – Hydration & Alcohol (Lincolnite Article)

Did you know that the body is 70% water? Staying hydrated therefore is very important. Just 1% dehydration can affect how your brain functions. Other symptoms of dehydration include: Dry mouth (Xerostimia) Dry eyes Headaches Light-headedness Dizziness Tiredness Loss of…

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Your Health – The Facts about Protein (Lincolnite Article)

Incorporating protein into your diet is very important, especially so if you are vegetarian or vegan. The body uses protein for essential processes such as growth, repair, muscle contraction and aiding immunity. Protein provides structural support in skin and bone….

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