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What we did: Ran an offsite team meeting with foodie team building

With teams members not comfortable with the traditional “outward bound” style of team building, Greenborough commissioned Firecracker to design and run a “Foodie Team Building” day at Uncle Henry’s Farm Shop with the objective of bringing together 2 geographically disparate teams and breaking down barriers, in a fun and stimulating way.

Small groups were given a notional budget, asked to shop for ingredients within that budget, and then each cook a course as part of a 3-course lunch.  The process of shopping on a budget, creating menu choices that worked together (after all, we had to eat what we’d prepared), and of cooking to quality standards helped the teams to bond; stimulated both a competitive and collegiate spirit, and taught the benefits of collaboration.

The day was highly effective, good value for money and fun!  We’d recommend using Firecracker for an alternative approach to team building and look forward to using them again.