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Holiday Destination


When you plan a holiday, one of the first things you do is decide on the destination as without this how do you know when you’ve got there?

Well this also applies to businesses and successful teams; rather than a destination it’s a vision/goals or objectives.

So, what is YOUR vision for the business? What GOALS have you set yourself & your team for the next 12, 24 & 36 months?

You might already have a vision or goals for your business but have you communicated these to your staff?

Do THEY know where you want the business/company to be heading? And can they relate to this?

Having a common goal which everyone buys into as a team is the first step to achieving greatness. Some of the most successful teams were working toward one goal.

Take the team at Pixar who created TOY STORY for example, they had a single goal:

“Create a full length completely animated feature film”

Your goal might be to make more money but how will you translate this into goals that make your staff motivated? Perhaps they have their own goals that can help you achieve your business goals.

Is your vision for your business just in your head or is it written down somewhere?

Is it just words on a page? Or have your developed a range of goals and actions to make this vision become real?

An exercise I’ve done with some of my businesses is to visualise what the business might look like in 1, 3, 5 and possibly 10 years. I get them to draw up organisational chart for the business as it stands right now with all their current staff in it, and then get them to draw further charts for how the business might look in the future, again putting current team members into the chart to see where they might be in the company as you grow and develop.

What a great tool to motivate a team member by telling them that you see them in this role in the future if they achieve their objectives.

What talents have you spotted in your team members that could help move you to the next level?

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