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Lincolnshire Workplace Health and Wellbeing Conference

Rachel Linstead, Firecracker

James Wilson, The Sleep Geek

Bill Skelly, Lincolnshire Police

Chris Blevins, Askfield Project

Neil Everatt, Selenity

Sarah Moseley, Lincolnshire Credit Union

Alex Wright, Knapton Wright

An excellent and welcoming event with lots of inspiration and ideas.

Very good event, with some very positive points.

The food! Kept my energy notably steady through the day. Also the speakers were very engaging. Sleep Geek esprecially.

A great variety of speakers, very encouraging to hear how businesses are looking after their staff. I think everyone in the room will have taken away at least one idea to follow up on.

The opportunity to network was excellent. Thank you for organising. I look forward to next year’s event.