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Sickness Absence

Why is being ill such a dirty thing these days?

Working within the workplace health and wellbeing sector it’s inevitable that the subject of sickness absence comes up on a regular basis, however why is it seen as such a negative thing!! And that being sick is a bad thing,…

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Obesity and your workforce – a ticking time bomb costing you money!!

The Obesity Health Alliance have released some data to say that by 2035 56,000 people will develop cancer due to their weight!! By this date it is estimated that over 40 million adults will be overweight or obese as an…

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Staff Sickness, don’t let it be a FATAL cost in your business!! 5 top tips

We might have come a long way with medical advances but are we actually any healthier than we were 100 years ago? Personally I don’t think we are; we just are suffering from different types of illness and disease. As…

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