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The Wheel

I created the wheel of wellbeing, culture & performance to help business understand the connection between the way people feel at work & the level of their performance. The eight sectors are the areas that most often get highlighted when I’m talking to managers and business owners about staff and performance.

The wheel helps to identify areas to work on and also allows a cost to be allocated to this sector which then makes it a measurable cost in the business.

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To receive a copy of the wheel, simply complete your details below, you’ll be asked to confirm your email address and then you will receive the wheel.

Each sector is scored from 0-10, 0 is as bad as it could be & 10  is as good as it could be, once you’ve scored each sector, think about the impact this is having on the business in a positive or negative way, for example: If your score for staff retention is low, think how much it’s costing to replace lost staff? Why do staff leave? Is there a pattern?

I’m happy to chat through each sector if you want more help completing this analysis, just call me on 07710 520034