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About Us

Happy employees = Happy customers

Our vision is to bring The Firecracker Formula into businesses and create great places to work…

Firecracker was founded by Rachel Linstead in 2011, qualified nutritionist and business coach, with over 16 years of experience in the food and health industry.

Firecracker works with businesses across the UK to help them see the impact health and nutrition can have upon workplace culture and instilling positive energy.

We know that not all businesses are identical or operate the same. With a FREE wheel audit, we can help you uncover any culture or wellbeing challenges within your industry, and design a bespoke programme that meets the needs of you and your employees.

We know that your business is already a great place to work…Firecracker helps make sure your employees know this too by instilling positive energy, wellbeing and culture into their lives.

For more information about improving workplace culture and employee wellbeing, or if you would like a FREE wheel audit, please call 07710 520034 or email