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Firecracker HELP – Healthy Eating for Life Programme


Food, nutrition and wellbeing is what makes me tick!! I know I come alive when I talk to people about and food and just love the feeling I get when I can spark the energy in others to enjoy food for the life-giver it is and understand the benefits to eating a wide variety of foods available to us.


This programme is aimed at employees understanding how their food choices on a daily, weekly and monthly basis impacts on their productivity in the workplace.

This 10 session programme will look at a range of topics, mainly focused on food and healthy eating but also looking at lifestyle, activity and sleep which we know influences our food choices.

  • The different body systems and how they interact – Digestive, immune, endocrine, nervous
  • Macro nutrients – Protein, Carbohydrates & Fat and the role these play in the body
  • Blood sugar balance
  • Antioxidants & Fibre
  • Stress
  • Exercise/being active

These sessions are run monthly over the course of a year – each session is 1.5 hours long and is an interactive energy-filled experience arming you with knowledge and support to make subtle changes to the way you eat and view food.

Each month there is a topic focus with information, handouts and marketing materials available to use around the organisation to enhance and spread the measure far and wide.