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Access to Food and Water


It is 2pm. The day is dragging and those delicious chocolate cakes someone brought into the office are calling out your name.


Why do we always crave those sugary treats in the afternoon?

Within business, it is important to understand that what your employees eat can affect their productivity and overall wellbeing. Do you find efficiency dropping about mid afternoon for some employees? This can be down to poor dieting or wrong food choices.

Recently recognised in the Lincolnshire ‘Angels Bring Business’ awards 2015 for our expertise in the food industry, Firecracker can help your employees eat better and feel better, increasing work efficiency and your bottom line.

We work with a variety of organisations across the East Midlands to help their staff understand the impact food can have on the quality of their work. From audits of canteens and vending machines, through to bespoke training workshops, lectures and one-to-one sessions, Firecracker can help your business operate more efficiently just by implementing a few simple, nutritional changes.

For more information about how nutrition training and workplace wellbeing can make a real difference to your business, please call 07710 520034 or email hello@firecracker-uk.co.uk


Are you a business in the food or hospitability sector? Firecracker can help…