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Instilling positive energy into your workplace…

…Innocent Smoothies…Virgin…Google…

Think about what brand you would love to work for – what do all these businesses have that people adore working for them?

The culture that your business has can have a big influence on all those who come into contact with your brand.

This includes your customers, your suppliers and even your employees.

By creating a culture where employees thrive and customers love using your products/services, you can effectively grow your business and enhance your brand image.

Firecracker help organisations across the East Midlands and London create a culture where employees love coming into work on a Monday morning, and customers are frequently raving about what you do.

As a qualified business coach, Rachel Linstead of Firecracker uses a variety of tools and techniques, and her expertise as a qualified business coach, to help organisations to individually assess what cultural differences can be brought into your business, and make a positive impact on your employees and the profitability of your business.

One of these tools includes DiSC Communication Profiling.

For more information about how Firecracker can help improve your workplace culture and make a real difference to your bottom line, please call 07710 520034 or email hello@firecracker-uk.co.uk