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Helping to create a productive workplace environment…

We all spend a lot of time at work. Sometimes more than we do at home.

Just think…your full time employees probably spend a bare minimum of 25% of their week at work.

It may sound strange, but your workplace environment may be having an impact on the productivity of your employees and even their health.

Does your workplace promote creativity? Is it comfortable? Does it stimulate your staff to be efficient? Do your employees enjoy being there?

As a qualified business coach, Rachel Linstead at Firecracker works with a variety of organisations across the East Midlands and London, helping to improve workplace environments for employees and making their business more profitable.

With a few simple changes, Firecracker can aid you in making your workplace a ‘home away from home’ for your employees, where coming into work isn’t a chore and work output increases.

Would you like to know if your business is performing efficiently? Book your no-obligation wheel of wellbeing, culture and performance audit, and start creating a business environment that your employees love to be part of.

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