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Staff Sickness


How do I deal with staff being constantly sick?

People get sick. It happens. They need time off. They need the time to get better.

Of course having an employee off sick can reduce output in your business, but having someone at work that is sick, but not feeling 100%, can severely reduce the quality of your products/services.

Staff sickness may cost the UK economy £8.4 BILLION a year, but staff coming in when ill costs the economy £15.1 BILLION a year.

If you are noticing an increase in people being absent or there is a lack of interest and productivity among those coming into work, this could be a key indicator that there is something wrong with the wellbeing of your employees, or your organisation.

Using our Wheel of wellbeing, culture & performance, Firecracker have helped businesses across the East Midlands and in London uncover any issues in their organisation, and implement practices that improve the overall wellbeing of their employees.

Businesses that are proactive in looking after their employees have seen their productivity increase, reduction in staff sickness and strengthening of their culture – a simple investment into your staff and their wellbeing can mean you can achieve a great return in your investment.

If you would like to know more about how Firecracker can help improve wellbeing, culture & performance in your organisation, please call 07710 520034 or email hello@firecracker-uk.co.uk