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I work for myself so why would I want to use DiSC profiling?

When I talk about DiSC communication profiling at networking events, Sole traders ask me how DiSC can help them, as they don’t have a team to manage.

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And yes they are right – DiSC is an effective tool to use within teams to help them work more efficiently, along with other benefits such as:

  • Managing conflict
  • Managing change
  • Improving sales
  • Improving customer service
  • Assisting with recruitment


It is also very useful for individuals, I’ve help many business people gain great insight into themselves which has then helped them:

  • Work with their customers/clients better.
  • Improved their levels of customer service.
  • Be able to handle difficult situations more effectively.
  • Be able to negotiate better deals from suppliers.
  • Improved relationships with associates.
  • Improved relationships with friends and family.

These are just a few that come to mind when I think of areas where DiSC has played a part in  improving communication but there are many more ways it can help you.

Whether you work on your own or as part of a team we all have to communicate with other people so being able to understand how you like to communicate and other stand how others like to receive information can greatly enhance the conversation.

I recently had an Easter bonanza sale on DiSC profiles and they were offered at a reduced price of just £75 (Saving £24).  However as many people have been away over the Easter break I have decided to extend this offer until Friday 2nd May ensure you don’t miss this great opportuny.

So if you’d like to know the secrets to great communications get your profile today

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