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Two years later & where am I now?

Recently I’ve just celebrated my two year anniversary of being in my business full time. The past two years have flown by and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed being my own boss and the challenges that go with it, however due to a change in circumstances the past few months have really been quite tough for me and I’ve dug deep to get through it and now I’ve come out the other side having learnt a few things about me that I didn’t know and that the path I’m following is the right one.

I have three things in life that get my heart singing & the fire in my belly burning bright: Food, nutrition and business.

In the past each of these has been in separate box in terms of the business; they had distinct services and customers but I always felt that when I was talking about one of them I wasn’t being authentic and that I was hiding something from the people I was talking to whether this was at a networking event or talking to potential clients.

When I would have a little wobble about the business friends and associates would often say that I need to decide which area I was going in because I couldn’t do them all as it would confuse people but in my heart of hearts I knew that I wanted to do all three and had to find some way combine them which I knew might take a bit of work.

Over the summer I’ve been reviewing the business and what I do, really pulling apart what FIRECRACKER is all about and how I will take over the world (Well you have to dream big don’t you!!)

After spending some time with the lovely Lisa Whitehead (http://www.getalife-uk.co.uk/) I had a light bulb moment about how I would combine the three areas (Food, Nutrition and Business) together to form what FIRECRACKER is today.

A business which helps organisations to create a positive workplace culture and motivate staff through engagement and wellbeing using fun, food and nutrition. This really does sum up what I do!! Not only do I look after the wellbeing of the business but also the staff – and use food to bring everyone together.

Having come out of this period of uncertainty I’ve realised that I can help businesses with exactly what I’ve gone through.  The reality of running your own business isn’t always as good or easy as the dream of having your own business. I help business owners get their spark back, just like Lisa did for me on a more personal level.

I help business owners fall back in love with their business and help them to use this love to take the business forward to success, this process can take as little as a couple of weeks to a few months but the feeling I get when I see a business owner light up once again when asked about the business is just heart stopping. Seeing a business owner talking about their business with so much pride they might burst is a sight to see and makes all the tough times worthwhile.

Some questions I ask the businesses I work with:

What made you start the business in the first place? Or WHY did you start the business? The WHY is very important!

What did you want to achieve?

Have you achieved what you set out to do?

What would you like to achieve in the future?

The answer to these questions give me a great insight into the business and how I can help move it forward.

So I’m looking for business owners to wave a little firecracker magic on, if you are looking to re-ignite your business, give me a call or email on Rachel@firecracker-uk.co.uk

Here’s to plenty more years….

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