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What can businesses learn from The Foxes Premiership win?

As Leicester city fans nurse their soreheads what can the business world learn from this remarkable achievement?

Not being a football fan I can’t really comment on how Leicester city played on the pitch this season but I can comment on what I’ve picked up from the media when they’ve been talking about the team’s success and how they have got to the position of winning the premiership against all odds.

The three subjects that have resonated with me and which can be transferred into the business world are:

  • Team work/spirit
  • Focus on goals (not back of the net ones but winning games/points)
  • Down time/staying injury free – Managing work load/sickness

Team S

Creating great team spirit isn’t easy especially at work as in most instances strangers are brought together with just the common theme that they all work for the same company! Understanding everyone’s strength & areas of improvement is a great place to start.

Creating a supportive and open environment will allow staff to be their true selves at work and this is when most people shine. Team building/team work should be nurtured daily in the work environment; having worked in a large international corporate who regularly sent us on away days where we spent time “team building” by solving problems out in the wilderness to come back in the office the following day, where nothing has changed and the issues were still present. Simple things such as having lunch together away from desks/distractions can help teams to get to know each other better or using some kind of creative session or games to bring a bit of fun into the workplace.

There may be times when you just don’t get on with someone in your team, using psychometric testing such as DiSC profiling can help teams understand how each person with the team likes to work and can improve communications

Creating common goals but focusing on the process and short term wins

goals wordle

Again from what I’ve read about Leicester City is that all areas of the club came together and focused on how they could get the best result from each game they played, the management, the coaching and the playing team all inputted into how they could do things differently/better as the season went on and took each game as a small victory (short term win) so that no one got overwhelmed by the possible outcome of the total season. This can easily be applied to businesses. The number of business owners I talk to and I ask if they share their business goals, dreams with their teams and get a “NO” as a response yet these business owners expect their teams to deliver these goals for them as they can’t do it without the people they employ. Sharing your vision for the company can be a great motivation tool for your team especially if you ask them for their input; the staff on the shop-floor might have some great ideas of how the business could move forward so it’s worth listening to them. Have one clear company wide goal means everyone can buy into it and see where they fit in. Some of the most successful teams in history were laser focused on what they wanted to achieve. One worth mentioning is the team that created the film Toy Story! All the team were focused on creating the first fully animated feature film which allowed them to critically assess each process/step in getting to the end point without this becoming personal to the person doing the work!

It is important to note that one big goal should be broken down into manageable chunks so that short term wins can be celebrated along the way!!

Down time/staying injury free – Managing work load/sickness


It was noted in some of the articles I read about Leicester City that due to their form in previous seasons they had less games than some of their rivals which meant that most of the players were able to stay injury free for most of the season and when playing the league matches they were all well rested and fully ready to give 100% to match day.

In business one of the keys to success is managing workload, in every organisation there are times when the pressure is on to deliver results and workloads might increase to un-manageable levels!! Having a good understanding of how the people your business work can help you see if anyone is struggling. Short bursts of stress is actually good for us, we are programmed to deal with it (flight or fight response), some people naturally thrive when the pressure is on but there is much scientific evidence to say that long term stress is not healthy and can often lead to sickness absence.

Allowing your team “downtime” during the day can be a great way in managing stress, promoting mindfulness for example can help individuals to refocus on the task at hand rather than worrying about the bigger picture. Creating a space in the workplace where team members can go and relax away from their screens can help people recharge too. It doesn’t have to anything fancy just some comfy chairs & a place to chill.

Hats off to Leicester City Football Club for achieving this success and long may it continue for you!!

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